This letter is to express my great enthusiasm and support for the pre-production and making of “Heroic Love”. As the sister of Captain Lance Sijan, I can assure you that both he and I would be in full agreement as to the importance of this message of love.

While the lessons of war are harsh, love can rise out of the ashes.
Guy Gruters experience as a prisoner of war in the infamous Hanoi Hilton will provide insight into forgiveness, courage, and communion. During his incarceration, Guy came to be reunited with his classmate from the Air Force Academy, Medal of Honor Recipient Captain Lance Sijan.

My brother Lance gave the ultimate sacrifice in a true test of love during the Vietnam War~his life. While adhering strictly to the Code of Conduct, he refused to give any information to his interrogators other than name, rank, and serial number. To protect his nation, his comrades, and his family, he disregarded his own needs during countless beatings until his death. It is through this act of pure love that we are able to begin to understand the complexity of the spirit. A made up mind is a powerful thing. It will override the body’s needs to allow the spirit to triumph.

Guy Gruters is the last living witness to Lance’s final days. Time is of the essence to assure this story is told with passion and accuracy.

As the masses continue to search for meaning in life that includes integrity, courage, honor, and love ~ this is a story that must be told.

Please join me in becoming a “Friend of Heroic Love”. Support this film project with your contributions and prayers.


Janine Sijan Rozina